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Nov 19morning ritual
Nov 14Stage Fright
Nov 9longing
May 31Cut Off
Apr 19Things must be bad
Apr 1580’s Party
Apr 11Wishful Thinking
Apr 6I’ll kick my ass
Mar 28A really nice farm…
Mar 25Revenge is petty
Mar 22Also known as Tuesday
Mar 19Good coffee, Bad morning
Mar 16Speaks a lot to a mans character…
Feb 15Let me get the door
Feb 12You seem nice
Feb 1Natures Confetti
Jan 29Some kind of madman
Jan 25Oh right, I’m people.
Jan 14silly me
Jan 11eyes light up
Jan 8my life is an open book
Jan 5First Rodeo
Jan 3Rude Toaster
Jan 1Destitute Grandma (No Salt)