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Dec 26Urine to this party
Dec 22do I know you?
Dec 10World here, time for your ass kicking
Nov 23Deathy Downer
Nov 21Queen size
Nov 20Piss in the dark
Nov 19A general fuck.
Nov 11Only drunk at the bar
Nov 8happy birthday
Nov 2Am I getting too cynical?
Oct 30tell me what I want, not what I need
Oct 29What would old me think?
Oct 28cigarette smoking dad
Oct 27therapy for therapy
Oct 26loneliness will get you
Oct 24is this happy?
Sep 27Nice me meet you (foot mouth)
Sep 26Refinancing emotional debt
Aug 3where balloons come from
Jul 21lumpy balls
Jul 10glass eyeless
May 26i have a cow
May 7i’m not important
May 1stars so bright
Apr 7Water Cooler Talk
Mar 28billboards are so cool
Mar 10used shotgun
Mar 1Wire Toothbrush
Feb 21Killin’ it
Feb 16parachute malfunction
Jan 28Go for your dreams (misinterpreted)
Jan 21find yourself
Jan 14imaginary bully
Jan 11Forgot keys
Jan 7Super Pisser
Jan 1open assket funeral